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The idea that safe sex isn't "real" sex was pretty twisted on its own, the fact that it's being taught to a child is worse. I don't care if this was supposed to be a comedy, it was a definite turn off and wasn't worth the read. Didn't care much for the art either. If you're gonna read something shorter than 20 pages, look for something a little smoother or in color.
Low key hairy kitty is better then saved one
.... zeeeb
I entered the weird part of hentai again \88/
fuck u
I liked it
Felt sorry
For the elderly virgin tho
Id make
a sidestory with him getting laid by lolis
Lol or have him kill himself
Well I like the naked guy by the road at least
things no one has ever said #42 (i love your ugly pussy!)
A little boring to be honest
I thought that concept was pretty fucked up and didn't make a lot of sense. I cant deny the artstyle was good though. Sometimes wish I had never laid eyes on some of this shit.
Im fuking jealous -.-
nice manga
Even if this park was real, I still wouldn't lose my birginity

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