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I got about halfway through before I felt too guilty to go on. At least I didn't fap..***...
Nigga how old are they? 3?? Hell tf no
I hear some sirens outside my house***...
fap fap fap
Nooooo they kids man wtf!!!
Hey guys, chill. It's hentai. Nothing of it is real or going to be real. I also was complaining about this, but I realized it's no use. Besides, someone told me: "What happens in the hentai world, stays in the hentai world***... and I think he was right. If you don't like it, then don't read it, but anyway, if you insist to read some hentai doujin and complain afterwards, then do it. I don't care what you guys are going to do. I just wanted to tell you that quotation above. That's all.
That's a nice quote. "What happens in the hentai world, stays in the hentai world". To tell the true, I like lolicon and toddlercon, I click knowing what to expec***... but this in the real world surely is fuck** up.
Boi life hack
i like loli but this too dark for me😨 must go back
The police already know 👌
I got email to read this buy a person sub to my channel I read the whole thing I'm not child molester I don't like lollies but what the f*** is happening with h***** is this some new kind of sick fancy I don't know why my Sub wanted to me to read this he knows I like reading manga for anime I feel sick as hell from reading this whole thing if this ever happen in real life the world is fuck I know it once they it Japan you can have sex with the thirteen-year-old but that's fuck up if you like from me on youtube look up killingerk how many definitely block this guy's emails I'm going to make a video on way
Yah boi almost fucked up was about to read this not using incognito
I'll go to hell for this :)
I'll go to hell for this :).....***...
People need to understand that not everything that ur taught to believe in this world means its correct..
<<< 14551 Fatcok >>>
If you say so then not everything what you say means it's correct..
<<< 14461 Noobster >>>
Ehm.. lolicon are people who LIKE lolis. That's the same for toddlercon. They are people who LIKE toddlers. So that means he/she likes people who are into that? Just wanted to clarify things.
Oh god.. what have i done.. i want to unseen it all..
<<< 14553 Noobster >>>
God, no. Loli, loli genre. I love loli genre. Anything about THIS happening in real life, to a real person, is fucked up all the way. I can stand and enjoy a work like this. That's all.
Where did all these retards come from? It isn't real, no rights were being broken, because there is no birth certificate, BECAUSE ITS A DRAWING
You're the same morons who think if you kill in GTA you're a murderer, if you're too stupid to to know the difference between fiction and fact just don't read it, I don't like rape but you don't see me being ignorant.
When lolicon hentai was unbanned from Pornhub, it was specifically "You're an idiot if you involve real world problems in porn"
<<< 14566 Anonymous >>>
Well, have you read a certain comment already? If no, her<<< 14452 Anonymous >>>
Cada día nos alejamos mas de dios.***...
<<< 14579 LP~~ >>>
jajajajaja, esto me hizo reir bien duro! XD!!!
<<< 14579 Anonymous >>>
<<< 14585 LP~~ >>>
What are they saying ? O.o
I can't read this the first page made my stomach hurt. Fiction or not these are babies.
I can't. These are babies, I can't.
<<< 14694 eww >>>
Babies? They are toddlers, man! If you wanna see a baby fucked, then type awaji himeji as artist or "months" on pururin.
<<< 14694 eww >>>
Babies? They are toddlers, man! If you wanna see a baby fucked, then type awaji himeji as artist or "months" on pururin. The same thing to you<<< 14695 Anonymous >>>
It's rare to have spmething ABOVE lolis
Bloody smile
My quote: what does'nt sticks on my history does'nt count.
fuck this is hot.
Fap or get the fuck out
Look at all these fuckin faggots writing entire paragraphs about why their not pedophiles to complete strangers. Who invited all these fucking assholes?
well this rare, japan artist usually don't do that
<<< 15016 Fap or get the fuck out >>>
Have you ever read all comments here? Not all of these faggots are denying themselves. Look, <<< 14452 Anonymous >>> told us not to believe everything there so it doesn't matter whether you are a pedo or not. Just like you said, fap or GTFO.
Anyone know good loli manga sites?
This is why there should atleast be a flag button.
Not even gonna read this dint even want to comment but everyone keeps saying how this would be so wrong in the real world like as if it doesn't. You knew what would happen when you clickd this and so did I. we're all perverts hence why were here.
W...w***... did I just read.***... i do anything illegal?
I feel Guilty to read this but I just wanna go on why lol,
Im Not a Pedo!!! OK
Where is the loli tag. LOL XD
Clemir Rewja Jr.
Cuz this inst Loli, this is toddler
<<< 15819 Clemir Rewja Jr. >>>
Well, toddler is defined as CHILDREN (means both little boys and girls) who are 1-3 years old. You are kinda right but there are some "toddler lolis" who are above the age of 3 so it still should be tagged with loli imo. :P
Wtf this is sick this is what brews pediphiles
Why can't there be a "Newborn Baby" tag?? Bald ones are much more delicious cuz they can't even move and I can already imagine that. I will fap faster I swear to God if they make that :3

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