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At Page 13
I lost it
I was dying by laughing to hard
Bloody smile
Can somebody explain that papa scene?
I'm confused
bunny cunny
srly ....***... why must memori lost ?
every h-manga who contain memory lost really cringe me a lot, i wonder if the author want to take a trip to another world im glady accept it ...

Poor Nanachi!!! DX

I just want reg with riko, but nvmnd. :3 The art is just too good.
<<< 18688 Bloody smile >>> I didn't quite understand exactly how it worked, the manga can be a bit hard to follow imo, but he was able to see what nanachi could see as certain times.
umm..***... I feel more "fluffy" than aroused thou.***... what a weird feeli***...
I love this website
<<< 18804 CertifiedLolicon >>>
It's a place of wonders and has everything!
Papa bless
More excellent loli from this mangaka.

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