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Was it obvious, the trap? (in two ways)
That was real good, a trap in public too. Love it, the art too.
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Actually, trap doesn't also mean there must be yaoi. I also have seen traps WITHOUT any yaoi tag. Traps can come along with femdom or lolidom or they just fuck a girl with girl's clothes on. However, I don't know whether it's gay when they fuck with a futanari, but well, traps can be also " no-gay " , so heterosexual. I dont know that much about it, but I can say, for this doujin, it is yaoi, but it depends on certain circumstances. copied from another trap doujin.
You coming out? xdddd
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Oh, I didn't know you like traps, bronze bot?
Bloody smile
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The only ones that hate traps are the ones that have been trapped for real.
Quote by me.
That Guy
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Traps are just guys that dresses up like a female and the real life equivalent are crossdressers. A trap does not have to be gay as they can do it for fun and still fuck girls. It's just that the overwhelming trap doujins are..***... yaoi in nature, why? Who knows. Also fucking a futanari isn't gay as they are women, just with both features of a man and woman. Tits, a vagina and a dick. For some reason many just leave out the pussy and have a girl with a dick (usually huge) and no a real life equivalent of a futanari isn't a shemale or transsexual. Really it's a hermaphrodite or intersex.
Finally some good fucking food
Grandpas girl
OMG! This got me so hot!! I left my house wearing nothing but a poncho thigh high socks and lube and just down from me two old homeless dudes sat by fire and we smoked out. Next thing, one acts like a preacher and I have hands all over. Finish story later.

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