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I like those expression
Can't wait for the sequel. The wait is killing me.
Feel bad for him
Now i feel bad to fap to this shit. Hiromitsu sama is cuck. Creating cuck content for cuck peopl***... God damn that was awful
I love ponytail girl exactly like her! But i got 2 things that i do not like, first i'm not a fan of huge breast, second i hate gross old man being involved. Other than that is pretty ok. The art is good and she with ponytail is cute.
As dark as that plot was, I enjoyed that story***... I'm also now paranoid of big business since I'm a husband/father lol.
Great job..
The plot is cliche but I enjoyed the story. Thank you for your hard work
Netorare is shit kids, remember that
netorare is for the looser, remember that.***... no srsly, thats their audience target..
LOL most of the people complaining about NTR are not even in a relationship haha
When i read this i always feels upset and feels good too (when fap)
Person who hate NTR
Why am i reading this shit
Passing through
Every time I read manga like this my heart bleeds can't jerk off to this. Its funny shit like this does happen, names me wonder if dine of them really are just tools for sex
Passing through
Makes me wonder * some of them*
What a glorious plan
god that was dark.
This one is pretty good to be fapped by me. But in my opinion, there are some things that ruined this comic. First, the woman. She got a cute and beautiful face, but with very big and sagging tits which when she is naked. Second, she made a ridiculous face when she feels so good. Third, her husband doesn't really feel worry about his wife. I mean, look at his boss. We can know that boss is a pervert by just looking at the boss' face. He should force his boss to make her stop working as a private secretary. No matter. And the rest of this comic, I very much like it..
Damn, some intense shit. Those feels for the hubby, but my dick is an unemotional sick fuck so I enjoyed.
<<< 28277 Richboy >>>
Naaaaaa see all those points only made my dick harder. But everyone has their own dick hardening techniques and preferences.

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