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Disapointed fapper
Boner killer don't read
The story has mindbreak and is kinda dark but the ending and the way its written is pretty nice. I didn't fap to it because it's not my thing but I liked reading it.
The story was unique and creative for this genre.
This was a great read. The story was well written like an old myth.
For those here to fap, you'll be interested in ntr, trap, and master servant forceful relationship.
The endind just makes you stop shaking your hand for a while***... dont miss the ending part.
Happy ending
It's a masterpiece goddamn it...***... something with your worthless life,Read It.
It have beautiful story.
Can't fap to this, but the story is really good.
This goddess>Aqua
<<< 27982 ZERO >>>
Eris = this goddess
*Hiks.***...m not cryin***...hiks~
Damn.***... cry while faping
Hohoho, doujin never been so touchy feely for me. But this one..***... THIS ONE!!!

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