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I almost choked when I saw 330 pages until I realized it was one of those slideshow doujin
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Is this style called something different?
It's called a CG set, as you can see in the category tag. Basically you have several base images that are slightly varied with different text bubbles and poses until you get to a new base image.
Amazing. I can't wait for the next part.
Used to not really like CG, but this is too hot
I bet they are swapping their mothe***...
Need the next part!
This shit is good
This minoru is one hell of a lucky bastard. Gotta fuck 2 milf. His friend is stupid coz his mother pussy being rammed by other cock
Man, I use to be okay with this level of cheating, the author even goes out of his way to make sure we don't like the husband but I just can't stand it anymore. Maybe I've read too many NTR but I'm getting sick of seeing loose women and characters that don't know how to bring up a fucking problem in their relationship. The characters never reconcile their relationships. If the damn husband is so irrelevant then don't put him in the story. Make the mom a widow.

The fuck is adultery so popular in japanese porn. The men there are starting to act like the women here. Always wanting what they can't have. Guess what, every woman has a pussy and they all feel pretty much the same. Go find one that will date you. I know, I know, it's just a story and I don't have to read it, but I was already halfway through when I couldn't take it anymore and I did stop. 100 pages of wasted time. Way too much references to the husband. Killed my boner.

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