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"inserts feminism joke here to complete the title. . . "
the end denies everything she did with him in the whole doujin XD
I'm female
<<< 27769 Anonymous >>>
That's rude, you know.
now you know how to cure feminism
A close look at the childhood of the feminist, 'Big red'
Bloody smile
That teacher looks retarded in most sense of the word.
Retarded by choice in fact.
Great manga, refreshing to not deal with censorship, perfect scenes that nail what one wants to see or the desired development, all in all excellent work
That was really good.
tl;dr all feminist just need a dick
take 'DIE. CIS. SCUM.***...bitch as example
give them a dick and they will become normal
alpha dick ofc
<<< 27819 anon-kun >>>
29 pages are too long for you? Bitch please, I even read<< Mail-Order Elf >>, a 300+ paged doujin and it was worth reading it. You should read it BEFORE you judge it by its cover.
This is fun in so many level***...
Thats a great one
I wanna be that brush
Bloody smile
<<< 27827 Anonymous >>>
<< Mail-Order Elf >> huh
I see you are a perverted-gentleman of culture as well.
That perverted teacher looks like his student brother.
Dat ending tho..***... XD
feminism isn't the same as misandry lmao
Enter your witty comment here..
Enter your witty comment here.***...
Damn good, I'd like to see more from this artist.
Refreshing to see see all these comments here, and none of them are arguing about Feminism lol
More move please
<<< 27986 ZERO >>>
Yep, somehow with citrus and pine aroma
Lmao, pretty much how feminists really are behind doors.

That aside, great art, and a erotic read it was.
I'm sad..***... I was hoping for one comment to just blow up...***... Tho good doujin tho should have been 4 pages longer in the end..***...

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