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Bloody smile
She killed the real one so that she can replace her?
Was she the real one the whole time?
Wait. . . wait wait wait. What if she was all those people that she said she "turned into" but was just pulling his leg or smthn. . . . . . .
<<< 35342 Bootznkatz1 >>>
The optimistic outlook on the ending is that the coworker's own attept at creating a human body, in which the MC had finally fallen in love with. The slims doesn't seem yandere enough to replace the coworker.
Dim the Darklight
So.. The possible plot is...***...
1. The slime kill/eat all those people to turn into them. Point that she knows them well(how???) and might be able to kill them.
2. Those people are actually the slime, it just change appeareance for him to love her at one point. Point that "this body could be a habit"
3. It likes the body so much that it want to replace the real one.
4. Other possibility, what do you think?
Dim the Darklight
<<< 35361 Dim the Darklight >>>
So...***... The coworker is actually the slime that love him and can change appeareance?

Well, the plot alone is simple and interesting while the art is just as good.
Just.***... The half transformation is kind of creepy
<<< 35342 Bootznkatz1 >>>
Nice logic, assuming the coworker started her work 3 months before or earlier
Wish I could enjoy this, but I just need to know. Did she kill does people?
Bloody smile
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<<< 35392 ZERO >>>
Woah hold up fren.
Don't start a mini series without me.
I mean this could definitely go down the parasyte-maxim route, the me and her route ( all people have been her the whole time and he's trap in her world), parallel world route or just simple (?) vanilla route ( the girl tries impersonating different girls and see which clicks with him the most )
She killed the real one? Interesting
Lol this is the first time i see someone create conspiracy theory for hentai. Still, this manga is good
Dim the Darklight
<<< 35403 Bloody smile >>>
Thats possible, but i personally dont like tragedy tag alongside sex (and a possible romance)...
Except it went tragedy-revenge-sex, thats definitely a ride!!!
Dim the Darklight
<<< 35486 Dim the Darklight >>>
I mean if it went "only his and her" route and he were to know the truth by her or some cliche accident, it will be really sad, at least it will be tragedic in the feelings for me.
And her cute and mischivious act will turn into yandere route, thats just.***...
What a plottwist at the end tho. Great art. Waiting for more.

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