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Hmm..***... Still dont understand about the ending
Wow. That was something. Love the art,action, and the girls' bodies. Don't feel bad for the protagonist. He's a jerk.
<<< 35613 Mist >>>
I think he's dead or in hell.
<<< 35625 BronzeRobot >>>
Wait. I was wrong. He might return.
Nothing beat jelly filled onigi***...
His skill to make everyone horny.
<<< 35613 Mist >>>
they purified him and sent him to hell because theyre exorcists hence why they cant loose their virginity
Bloody smile
*wears one punch man mask* ok
<<< 35624 DynamicCrusher >>>
He wasn't a jerk at first. He accidentally touched that chick and got called a molester. Then he drowned because of it. After that is different.
again with the fat dirty old men. I think it is finally time for me to blacklist the BBM tag. There aren't enough young nice BBM characters to warrant having to see it.

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