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Puru is alive!!!
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Posted By: Meieru 3 weeks ago
Last I checked, the site is dying and now I miss my level 32 account. OMG the good ol' days of downloading manga page by page because I don't have enough levels to DL a whole tank.
onaho megumi o suki ni shite
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Posted By: Anonymous131272 3 weeks ago
Hello!onaho megumi o suki ni shite is one from the group macchadokoro by the artist warashibe.I know that another one by the artist also featuring megumi called Anal Megumi wa sukidarake has been tr...
Looking for a recent doujin
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Posted By: Vexeddarklight 1 month ago
looking for a hentai, but the only scene i remember is when the guy and girl are having sex, he is holding them both up behind a flag to hide from two other girls. I think it takes place in a locker...
Trying to find something I read years ago
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Posted By: Anonymous2484 4 weeks ago
Years ago I remember reading a doujinshi about a teacher and his students. I believe they were on a field trip and some accident happens (earthquake?) and it leads to them being trapped underneath s...
Lost Manga
General Discussion
Posted By: SuicidalKermit 1 month ago
So I've searched for a while now and I was hoping someone could help me outIts starts with a boy coming home from school and he was being scolded by either his sister or girlfriend while he is at a...
Tag for pickup
General Discussion
Posted By: Farrrbi 1 month ago
Hi guys,can anyone recommend how to find pickup-related content?Like being picked up or picking up partners in public/manga store/street?And if there is no way of finding it, can I add a tag to an e...
The one hentai i can't seem to find
General Discussion
Posted By: VtheWizard 1 month ago
I am looking for this one vanilla(ish) hentai i once had bookmarked. now i can't seem to find it anywhere. the plot went something in the lines of this: MP was a mascot at a school festival. He got...
Looking for Doujin
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Posted By: Anonymous128969 1 month ago
Im looking for a doujin that is about a girl an guy childhood friend. The guy has been in love with her but instead she dates his brother and then the main character does NTR on her after she and th...
Looking for 2 hentais
General Discussion
Posted By: LordShade 1 month ago
1- A hentai about a guy on top of a stage, having females auctioning his virginity. I think he was tied to a chair some time. I dont remember much. There was big tits im sure...2- A hentai about a g...
Looking for a hentai
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Posted By: Anonymous128338 1 month ago
Hi!can u guys help me look for a story, about a girl you liked her tutor alot and then they have this 'play time' thing wherein they touch each other then one day, during their play time, the girl w...