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Grouping tags
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Posted By: Anonymous13677 1 day ago
Not sure if this is a thing but is it possible to group tags together in a search? Like if I want 3-4 tags together?
Advanced search
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Posted By: shion24 5 days ago
the advance search feature would be better if we could save that search, like if you have an specific search and you always use it instead of doing the whole advanced search again you already have i...
Request Title Doujinshi
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Posted By: Mayum1 6 months ago
can I request doujinshi to translate into English here ? if yes how ?thx.
Add ability to "group" hentai in personal categories
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Posted By: uwu 4 weeks ago
Hey puru,it would be great to be able to make and save different hentais in our personal categories. Like private/public playlists(?) of hentai. I know there are tags but some aren't specific enough...
Is it possible to zoom the pre loaded images?
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Posted By: Anonymous92085 4 months ago
Is it possible to zoom the pre loaded images? from the main page, i click one hentai and then i watch the images, but they are to small. Can i increase the size?
Things pururin should have
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Posted By: Anonymous100860 1 month ago
pururin should have a way to block individual content bc sometime i do not want to block entire tag just one or two manga i dont like it should be called block(blacklist=tag block=manga). there shou...
Text glitch.
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Posted By: YEET 1 month ago
Keeps kicking me out every time I comment.
Pharuan Undearth
Missing upload...
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Posted By: Pharuan Undearth 1 month ago
my newest upload not only has stopped getting stats but it also seems to have gone missing My Mountain Village Journal / 僕の山ノ上村日記, I will reupload but I dont' know why it would go missing. A...
Why don't we have a "Story Arc" tag?
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Posted By: nexusnex 2 months ago
I'd be cool if we had a 'story arc' tag to identify which doujins were 90+ and have a good story, kinda like a short manga. Just a thought.
Date of Upload
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Posted By: Kuroxus 2 months ago
Is it possible to add the date when a gallery was uploaded?It would really help to know which doujins were uploaded since the last time I checked. For example when I check a rare tag I can't see whi...