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Is there a way to organize liked tags?
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Posted By: Simian 1 week ago
Like by Artist and Contents?And if not, could we get one? Also, being able to organize by alphabetical order would be great too.
Counter to show how many actual pages are left
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Posted By: Angurr 3 weeks ago
I've recently read a visual novel that had a "climax counter" which essentially tells you how many clicks are needed to get to the climax in any H-scene. It appears 5-10 clicks before it h...
Are there too many captcha's?
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Posted By: Anonymous130678 4 weeks ago
Is Captcha every download really needed? IMO every 10 download would be fine tho, captcha's are really annoying.
Please vote for Tsukimisou no Akari / 月見荘のあかり
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Posted By: Kerapf 2 months ago
Please vote for Tsukimisou no Akari / 月見荘のあかりIt´s a master piece of loli doujin, help me getting it uploaded
delete account
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Posted By: Anonymous61002 2 months ago
how do i delete my account?
Delete conversations feature?
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Posted By: Wheel 2 months ago
I got a spam message and can't see a way to delete it. As far as I can tell it'll just stay there forever. If there is a way to delete, can someone tell me how? And if there isn't, can it be conside...
Need help getting rid of notifications.
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Posted By: hiddenfayth 2 months ago
Okay, 1st, I've clicked on the bell, and the badge with the number didn't go away. The drop down didn't load a preview. I've clicked on "see all", but the badge is still there. Also, this...
Reporting Issue
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Posted By: YEET 2 months ago
Tried to send a report about a bot but, it didn't go through.
Images not loading
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Posted By: Nox 2 months ago
images just completely fail to load. everything from covers to the pages itself
I'm having troubles connecting to my account
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Posted By: TankerBB 3 months ago
So I'm having troubles on loging into my account.When I'm faced with the loging I put my name account and password and no matter what it says is incorrect. So I have to ask for a password reset on m...