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Changing email
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Posted By: Ferrell 1 week ago
How can I change my email or delete my account to create another with a new email? Thanks in advance!
Can't favorite manga! Also all my Favorites have been wiped!
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Posted By: YEET 1 week ago
My favorites have been wiped off of my account! Worse yet I can't seem to favorite any manga at all! My whitelisted tags are gone as well as my blacklisted tags! I'm freaking out here!
Account wiped
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Posted By: TootOtto 1 week ago
So yesterday I had an issue where i could not log in to the site, every time I tried it gave me a 403 error saying I didn't have permission to enter. I thought "whatever" and just got off...
Everyday Update
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Posted By: Sigmarc 1 month ago
We seriously need it
Shuffle Favorites.
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Posted By: DarkStep 1 month ago
I'd like an option to shuffle or "random" my favorites within my account. I have almost 40 pages and I'd like to mix them up. Any possibility of adding an option like that?
Having all the pictures in one page
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Posted By: SimonPrala 1 month ago
Hello,Would it be possible to display all the pictures vertically so that it can be viewed by scrolling down rather than pressing a button to go to the next? Sort of like choosing between one pictur...
Make Footjobs great again
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Posted By: Anonymous31183 3 months ago
Can we please do away with the sock covered feet? I'm assuming it must be hard to illustrate them nicely but getting a nice shot on some cute arches is not impossible either!P. S: Whats with this hu...
help me please
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Posted By: Anonymous136675 3 months ago
Looking for the one were a girl is caught masturbating in a bath house then she gets fucked by an old man and and her father hears her moan and starts jerkin off.
Is there a way to organize liked tags?
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Posted By: Simian 3 months ago
Like by Artist and Contents?And if not, could we get one? Also, being able to organize by alphabetical order would be great too.
Counter to show how many actual pages are left
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Posted By: Angurr 4 months ago
I've recently read a visual novel that had a "climax counter" which essentially tells you how many clicks are needed to get to the climax in any H-scene. It appears 5-10 clicks before it h...