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Broken download link
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Posted By: Anonymous13590 7 months ago
https://pururin.io/read/finish/37613/you-arent-getting-away-tonightseems have broken link, it displays "","file_size":36202269}'="">" not captch
Looking for doujinshins
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Posted By: Anonymous13308 7 months ago
So there is a story when a widow is an innkeeper at an onsen maybe. There are some tenants and the new tenant is a guy. The widow haveing sex with the tenants because they otherwise would go away. T...
Posted By: Lunatic23 8 months ago
Can we request a manga here?
Can't seem to download anything across 2 browsers.
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Posted By: Koolplix 7 months ago
I have tried downloading many different files from Pururin today and it appears I'm unable to. Another thing that is odd is reCaptcha doesn't generally give me trouble, but today it is as well. Is...
Looking for a doujin
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Posted By: Anonymous86381 7 months ago
I want to find a doujin with a great plot that i read before but i just couldn't remember the name.It's about a guy got to live with two girls, one is the girl he liked and another girl is a quiet g...
Having issues with a download link.
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Posted By: Anonymous74988 7 months ago
So, when i click download it seems that the cache or the link that it should give me is broken. This being the hentai in question: https://pururin.io/gallery/28338/shimakaze-kun-no-hajimete-no-osanp...
new update 9.9.18
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Posted By: Puru 8 months ago
I'm currently working on the site speed, I know i know, it's slow because of the new server (new server always suck). So that, i have added a new feature. it's called 'Image Lazy Load', it will load...
Looking for...
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Posted By: Anonymous87436 7 months ago
More often than not, I've been stumped trying to find a good doujin or hentai again, and I just can't remember the name, so I thought we could have a thread for this kinda stuff.I'd like to start of...
Tag change question
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Posted By: natartnat 7 months ago
Regarding to This onewhat should I do about the changing type of tag ? in this case the artist and circle tag are newly created(if approved). But, we already have it as content tag.Can i just change...
Advanced search won't stop crashing
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Posted By: Agentlazywizard 7 months ago
So for a while now (Specifically since the last maintenance that I'm aware of happening.) the advanced search has been broken even right now i have problems getting the tags to not crash chrome whil...