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Lost Manga
General Discussion
Posted By: SuicidalKermit 1 month ago
So I've searched for a while now and I was hoping someone could help me outIts starts with a boy coming home from school and he was being scolded by either his sister or girlfriend while he is at a...
Tag for pickup
General Discussion
Posted By: Farrrbi 1 month ago
Hi guys,can anyone recommend how to find pickup-related content?Like being picked up or picking up partners in public/manga store/street?And if there is no way of finding it, can I add a tag to an e...
The one hentai i can't seem to find
General Discussion
Posted By: VtheWizard 1 month ago
I am looking for this one vanilla(ish) hentai i once had bookmarked. now i can't seem to find it anywhere. the plot went something in the lines of this: MP was a mascot at a school festival. He got...
Sauce search with pics.
Posted By: Croixe 1 month ago
Hello cultured gentlemen.I'd like to ask for help with the names of the following doujins. Alas, reverse image search has not helped me today.I think the last photo might me a manga tho.Thank you ki...
Looking for Doujin
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous128969 1 month ago
Im looking for a doujin that is about a girl an guy childhood friend. The guy has been in love with her but instead she dates his brother and then the main character does NTR on her after she and th...
Sister swap
Posted By: Anonymous126974 1 month ago
it's a doujin about 2 guys swapping their sisters without them knowing it.The protagonist has a domineering older sister who has sex with him regularly and he gets tired of it.His friend who lives n...
Looking for 2 hentais
General Discussion
Posted By: LordShade 1 month ago
1- A hentai about a guy on top of a stage, having females auctioning his virginity. I think he was tied to a chair some time. I dont remember much. There was big tits im sure...2- A hentai about a g...
Can never remember the title
Posted By: Jaydogg1020 1 month ago
A sort of vanilla story. The boy makes small crafts for clubs and the girl finds out she is into bondage. I explicitly remember the third chapter having a scene where the boy blindfolds and handcuff...
Beach tagged hentai doujin
Posted By: LoliHasCons 2 months ago
Plot goes like this: 2 women approach a kid thinking to have sex with him, they find out he has a big dick and proceed to fuck him, the first woman faints from being pounded by the kid, the kid keep...
Looking for a hentai
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous128338 1 month ago
Hi!can u guys help me look for a story, about a girl you liked her tutor alot and then they have this 'play time' thing wherein they touch each other then one day, during their play time, the girl w...