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Young wife
Posted By: Anonymous102979 2 months ago
I cant remember the name of the hentai but i remember some things. It was a young wife who had to marry an ugly guy because her parents needed it and then he came home after having been on a busines...
Need help finding a manga
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous30070 1 month ago
There is a manga that involves a family of all girls. A few distinct scenes is they try to kick the uncle out and he acts like a baby, he is caught sleeping and has his dick out his trousers, then t...
Best category image site for forced/NC now /r/strugglehentai is gone?
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous87782 1 month ago
I need of finding very nice forced/NC image and have found recently reddit /r/strugglehentai is the best place to get but now it is gone.Other site have manga only or not good search.Does anyone kno...
Shemale Fantasy Doujin
Posted By: Anonymous72467 1 month ago
I saw a little while ago an doujin, wich the story was something like: A girl and a guy pair up to do something fantasy-like, and the guy figure out that the girl is actually a shemale because she w...
Text glitch.
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Posted By: YEET 1 month ago
Keeps kicking me out every time I comment.
Looking for title!!!
Posted By: Anonymous104085 1 month ago
I'm looking for title where the loli blackmails her neighbour because of the onahole that was delivered to her adres instead of his. Then she makes him masturbate in front of her until she actually...
Pharuan Undearth
Missing upload...
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Posted By: Pharuan Undearth 1 month ago
my newest upload not only has stopped getting stats but it also seems to have gone missing My Mountain Village Journal / 僕の山ノ上村日記, I will reupload but I dont' know why it would go missing. A...
Help me find
Posted By: Anonymous26418 1 month ago
I read a manga in which a boy gets a smartphone that can make copies of girls and they can have sex with them...Just want to know if anyone know the name
Why don't we have a "Story Arc" tag?
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Posted By: nexusnex 2 months ago
I'd be cool if we had a 'story arc' tag to identify which doujins were 90+ and have a good story, kinda like a short manga. Just a thought.
Looking for one I read before.
Posted By: RedLord14 1 month ago
The main thing I remember was towards the end of it the girl was in class and they put a dildo on her chair and at each break she would come back to the class and the dildo had been upgraded.It also...